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The Lovers - Trinket Dish

The Lovers - Trinket Dish

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Add the lovers dish to your altar or keep next to your bed to attract even more love ❤️ to your life. 

The Lovers card may seem obvious in its meaning: Love! However, its symbolism runs deeper than just romance. It represents relationships, choices, balance, and unity. Harmonious partnerships allow us the opportunity for personal growth.  Relationship to another takes us out of ourselves and we learn there are other ways to view a situation.  We learn to compromise and to be sensitive to the needs and wants of another.  Hiding nothing from another person is true intimacy.  Where is cooperation or harmonious choice most needed in your life? 

  •  4.5 x 5.5 x 1"

Handcrafted in NYC by clay artist Jeannine Carson 


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