5 Ways to Clear Your Crystals

  1. Moonlight: Leave your crystals outside under the full moon overnight. The energy from the full moon will help to recharge and clear the crystals.
  2. Other Crystals: Place your crystals on or touching other clearing crystals like Shungite and Selenite. Their vibrations will allow for your crystals to clear. Selenite and Shungite are both self clearing and do not need to be cleared.
  3. Smoke: Use sage, palo santo, or other herbs to clear your crystals. Light the herbs and allow the smoke to surround your crystals, focusing on clearing any negative energy.
  4. Sound: Use a singing bowl, bells, or other sound therapy tools to clear your crystals. The sound vibrations will help to clear and recharge the crystals.
  5. Intention: Your intention is the strongest most powerful force you have. Hold your crystals while focusing on your intention to clear it and return it to its natural state / vibration.Β 

Are there any other ways you like to clear your crystals? Add yours or any questions you have in the comments.Β 

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