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Giant White Sage Smudge Bundle

Giant White Sage Smudge Bundle

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6“ White Sage Bundle

White sage has long been used to clear spaces of negative energy and purify the environment.

Grown in beautiful Southern California, meticulously hand-tied and grown with absolutely no pesticides or growth hormones. Sage is sun dried a simply amazing all natural product.


Sage is a powerful cleansing tool to clear negative energy from your mind, body, spirit and space, as well as a chakra healing tool that balances and aligns your chakras. Use this unique energy tool for a two-in-one healing session before or after your crystal rituals, or as a stand-alone practice.Black Sage pulls your consciousness towards other realms making it an excellent plant to stimulate dreams. This is a great tool for Shamanism, Journeying, Pathworking, Divination and Dream Work.

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