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Pink Galaxy Rainbow Amethyst from Uruguay 2.5 Pounds

Pink Galaxy Rainbow Amethyst from Uruguay 2.5 Pounds

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Beautiful sparkly Pink Galaxy Rainbow Amethyst Druzy Free Form from Uruguay

Amethyst is a stone of serenity and tranquility. 

Its one-of-a-kind vibration focuses and balances emotions and ideas. It alleviates fear while encouraging optimism and joy. It brings the soul to increased self-awareness and access to knowledge and insight by stilling the mind.

🔮Uses and/or Benefits:

✔Amethyst helps awakening intuition and enhancing a person’s psychic abilities.

✔In the presence of this stone, you may expect to get plenty of sleep at night. It also aids in recalling and comprehending dreams, as well as enhancing the quality of sleep.


✔At Home - Amethyst placed in the bedroom can help couples have a better bond. It stimulates a sense of movement and excitement as well as the desire for new ideas, concepts, and even sex!

✔Meditation - Choose a space that is light and free of distractions or sounds. Be in an area that you enjoy; everyone is different; whether a lightly lit room is better for visualizing or a darker room is better for breathing, then do precisely what you feel. Turn off all electrical devices, including your phone.

Chakra: Crown and Third-Eye

Weight: 1.033 / 2.4 lb
Measurements: 5" x 4" x 4"

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