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Blind Date with a Deck

Blind Date with a Deck

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Unveil the Mystery with Blind Date with a Deck Get lost in the excitement of Blind Date with a Deck! Perfect for those who love mystery and intuition. Choose either an Oracle or Tarot deck and we will chose one intuitively just for you from one of our hundreds of unique decks.

Your mystery deck comes wrapped in brown paper, sealed with sealing wax and protective thread. Each includes stickers and crystal confetti to add an extra layer of enchantment to your experience. All decks contain a guidebook and are brand new in original packaging.

Price range of the decks $25 - $65 (including the Viral Crystalstruck Tarot!) but the total value is from $44 and up!Β 

But hurry, these mystical treasures are flying off the shelves faster than you can shuffle the deck. Embrace the unknown and seize your destiny today!

Chose Tarot if: You like structure and symbolization. While many have modernized themes and artwork, the symbology is the same.

Choose Oracle if: You prefer more diverse themes and imagery, allowing for a more personal and fluid interpretation

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