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Caribbean Calcite Shapes

Caribbean Calcite Shapes

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Caribbean Calcite is one of the most calming vibrational crystals found so far.

It is a beautiful naturally occuring blend of Healing Blue Calcite and Deeply Grounding Aragonite. 

Will aid in resting deeply during sleep. Great crystal to keep in your pocket if you are anxious, or place near your head wherever you are sleeping. 

Sweet Dreams all but guaranteed! 

It also activates one’s mind which helps to channel their own unique psychic abilities aiding in elevating consciousness. 

Aiding in developing inner vision and clairvoyance, it can help one be more sensitive to the thoughts of others while enhancing telepathy and communication.

Origin: Pakistan 

Weight: approximately 8-17grams

Each will vary slightly due to the nature of the stone


One of the calcite palms will be picked intuitively picked for you. 

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