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Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

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Smoky Quartz is such an important stone for protection. It is especially beneficial for spiritual ceremonies and rituals. You can also use it in your grid work or keep it on your body to help deflect negative vibes and maintain a protective energy.

Smoky Quartz transforms and transmutes energies, it takes in whatever negative or low energies are nearby and holds them keeping them away from you. It’s a powerful stone that works to remove and absorb energy that our bodies can’t hold or take on. Not to mention it is a go to stone to keep you grounded.

Chakras: Root
Element: Earth
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

🌙 This is natural smoky quartz, and all of its patterns and colors are unique and natural. Any blemishes are natural and some are darker or lighter. They are all gorgeous

You will receive one Smoky Quartz palmstone chosen for you intuitively - if you would like to choose yourself, you may request :) 

approx 90g

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