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Diamantina Quartz Laser Points

Diamantina Quartz Laser Points

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This is a lot of 6 points

Perfect for grids - these points are also powerful enough to be used one at a time for healing/ cord cutting/ manifesting etc...

Diamantina Crystal Points are one of the true healers for the new millennium, bringing in energy for higher vibrational healing and attunement. 

Diamantina Crystal Points are used in crystal healing to help direct healing energy. These Diamantina Crystals are natural gemstones and came from the Earth this way and are not carved. Diamantina Laser Crystals are crystals from the Diamantina region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. They are believed to have been used in the Healing Temples of Atlantis and Lemuria. Diamantina Crystals are excellent for focusing energy.

They come from the The Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerias Brazil.

each point weighs approx 13 grams

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