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Fluorite Angel Butterfly Wings with Stand

Fluorite Angel Butterfly Wings with Stand

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These beautifully carved fluorite butterfly wings are a true work of art. This is a display piece particularly sought after by collectors and crystal lovers alike.

The Genius Stone

Chakra: Third-eye
Element: Water Energy
Talisman: Enhancer Brightener

What is Fluorite?

Beautiful and brilliant, fluorite is a smooth and glassy crystal with vibrant colors that resonate with the human psyche like no other crystal. In addition, it is capable of bringing order to chaos and bringing disparate energies into harmony. All elements of one's life are supported by fluorite. It promotes spirituality and thought, as well as concentration and attention.

Purple Fluorite is associated with the devotional elements of the intellect that are in contact with Spirit. It cleanses the mind and improves mental clarity by activating the Third Eye Chakra, which brings a rational and conscious knowledge of the cognitive processes and how one thinks.

Uses and/or Benefits:

  • It is an excellent stone for concentrated meditation and helps to improve one's intuitive and psychic skills.
  • Purple Fluorite is a protective stone that is said to become more protective the longer it's used, and it is an excellent Dream Crystal for warding off evil spirits and terrible nightmares.
  • It emits wonderful energy that heals stress, spiritual pain, and physical obstructions throughout the light body.
  • Purple Fluorite is highly beneficial for people who are afraid of being handled or inspected. An excellent gemstone to take or wear during medical testing to help you be calm and impartial when considering your alternatives.


  • At Home - Home or room south is connected with renown and repute. This energy may give you the push you need to improve your position within the community and within your family.
  • Meditation - Meditating with Fluorite clusters at the office or throughout a stressful day will begin conscious mental clarity, allowing one to understand thoughts and realities that would otherwise be unreachable.
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