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Green Stillbite Heulandite & Calcite

Green Stillbite Heulandite & Calcite

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The common color of Apophyllite is clear or white, although it can also be found as grey, yellow, red, and green. Green Apophyllite is the rarest color of them all and was found a few decades ago by an Indian farmer in Poona, India.

Apophyllite is a class of mineral from the Phyllosilicate family. The meaning of the name comes from the Greek for ‘flake off’. Apophyllite is usually a white crystal but it can also come in shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink or even colorless. It is believed to calm the mind and be a cleanser of negative thoughts.

Green Apophyllite crystals carry the energy of love. This crystal will bring peace, harmony, and abundance in your space as well. It can cleanse and balance the energy in your heart chakra. Anything that does not belong in your heart and causes you to not experience love in its full glory will be eliminated.

Green Apophyllite will bring clarity in any kind of situation that involves you and the people you love. It will strengthen your decision-making because you will be able to see all sides of an issue.

When it comes to the energies, they connect to the crown, heart, as well as third eye chakras. What’s more, Green Apophyllite helps with both physical healing and emotional healing by carrying life force energy to your energy fields.
Place apophyllite in dark corners, places where you feel the energy might be stuck or a bit negative and at the head of your bed to enhance spiritual awareness while you sleep

All of our crystals are hand chosen by Alyse. Alyse is our co-owner and is a Certified Crystal Healer as well as a Professional Psychic, Medium, and Energy Medicine Provider.

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