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Lavender Rose Quartz Spheres - Super High Quality

Lavender Rose Quartz Spheres - Super High Quality

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Super High Quality Lavender Rose Quartz Sphere from Brazil

These colors are going to blow you away in the best way possible

Dark purples, lavender, pinks and rainbows! 

Does your heart need a little extra support?

These stunning Purple Rose Quartz Spheres will do that while beautifying any place you display them.

Hold one while you meditate or simply keep one close to you.

Properties: Rose Quartz works with the heart chakra opening the holder to new levels of universal, romantic and self-love. It is also said to enhance one’s physical beauty & attractiveness.

Measurements :
a 536g  / 7cm 

b 472g / 7cm

c 262g / 6cm

d 284g / 6cm

Country of Origin: Brazil, Namibia, India,

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac Sign: Taurus - Scorpio

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