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I AM LOVE - Crystalized Intentions Magick Mix - Confetti Scoop

I AM LOVE - Crystalized Intentions Magick Mix - Confetti Scoop

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These Magick Crystal Mixes have been intuitively selected and hand-mixed to super power your intentions.

These mixes are perfect for manifesting, spellwork, crystal grids, placing in a candle, adding to your altar, or placing on your bedside table or desk as a beautiful reminder of your powers of intention.

Each package has been cleansed and handpacked.

Please note that due to the nature of these packages, they all will slightly vary.

This mix is specifically for:

Love - to increase Self Love, become more aware of the love around you and to attract more unconditional love

Magick Mix Ingredients:

Rose Quartz- Self Love

Kunzite- Unconditional Love and Self Compassion

Clear Quartz- Amplify and Clear Intentions

Howlite- Peaceful Vibes

Rainbow Moonstone- High Vibrational Stone- aids in transformation with Joy

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