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Phantom Amethyst Root Point / Rough Sides Polished Top/ Generator A596

Phantom Amethyst Root Point / Rough Sides Polished Top/ Generator A596

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Pictures do not do these Brazilian beauties justice! 

  • Polished at the tip and left natural at the root.
  • Self-Standing
  • Rainbows 
  • Phantoms (crystals within the crystal) 

Feel free to reach out and ask for more photos. 

Polished elestial amethyst wand from Bahia Brazil. These crystals are called “amethyst roots” in reference to their shape. The body of the crystal is unusually long and tapers significantly to a small base. These crystals from this locality can exhibit a variety of rare and desirable characteristics such as (this piece may or may not have all of these characteristics. Please inspect photos prior to purchase and reach out with any questions you may have on this piece):

Phantoms: Where the crystals growth has been interrupted and then restarted one or more times during its formation. Phantoms in these crystals can be amethyst, smoky, or citrine.

Acting as a grounding agent, Amethyst calms the mind and purifies the spirit, balancing fluctuations in emotion. Promoting spiritual wisdom,  it absorbs negative energy and transforms it into love. This is a stone of physical and mental harmony, helpful for people making a transition in life. Beneficial for sleeping, this stone can also assist with remembering dreams. Use this stone for personal meditation, scrying, and vivid dreaming.

596 grams

5" height

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