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Phosphosiderite Sphere

Phosphosiderite Sphere

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Phosphosiderite is not just known for its relaxing vibration; it's also a healing stone that resonates with all chakras. It has several unique qualities that become apparent as you use it more, especially when meditating. Hold it and feel its heart-centered energy pull you in.

Uses and Benefits:

  • To communicate with your spirit guides, Phosphosiderite is an excellent stone That will strengthen your spiritual connection.
  • Achieving this balance and steadiness in your life is also a benefit. Third eye chakra and past life memories can both be accessed with this stone's assistance.
  • Your tension will be relieved by Phosphosiderite's beautiful and calming vibration. Its therapeutic qualities will resonate with all of your chakras as you meditate with them.
  • Phosphosiderite's energies will attract positive and helpful energies that will help you stay focused on your current work.
  • And it'll also make you understand that every tiny amount of activity counts.


 Chakra: Throat


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