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Purple Banded Onyx Sphere | Polished Onyx | Calcite | Jade

Purple Banded Onyx Sphere | Polished Onyx | Calcite | Jade

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Banded Purple Onyx Tower Polished | Pocket Stone | Pink Calcite from Pakistan

Like most of the "Onyx" on the market today that's not black, our "Purple Banded Onyx" is actually a banded Calcite from Pakistan that uses this popular trade name. Still, we love the colors and if you haven't noticed in our inventory, we're big fans of beautiful banding/layers in natural stones.

This listing is for the tower pictured 

Promotes calm, loving energy and forgiveness
Discourages grudges and pettiness

Pairs great with:
Rose Quartz
Clear Quartz
Tiger's Eye

Please be advised that all natural stones, geodes, clusters and even our polished material may have natural cavities, fracture lines, imperfections or inclusions. Unless otherwise noted these markings are not considered damage.

If you have questions about an item or would like to see more photos please message us, we'd be happy to send some!

286g, 4" h x 1.5" w 

287g, 4"h x 1.5"  w

365g, 5"h x 1.5" w

401g, 5.5" h x 1.5" w

444g , 5"h  X 1.5" w



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