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Purpurite Natural Cut Slabj

Purpurite Natural Cut Slabj

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Purpurite is a rare stone and one of the most apparent violet-ray stones. Purpurite cleanses energy fields and awakens the head chakra. Purpurite is beneficial for communicating with one's spirit guides through meditation or dreamwork.

 Purpurite is a manganese-iron phosphate found alongside Triphylite. Iron is a powerful earth-energy grounding stone, and phosphate is a light and air stone.

 Purpurite is a unique stone that connects the earth and wind components, promoting spiritual harmony and emotional equilibrium. It also provides a gateway to the divine realm, releasing us from the ego and all that keeps us in the physical domain.

Purpurite is highly protective stone. It protects the holder from psychic attack as well as from EMF

See video for the purple flash

Perfect size to put in your pocket or to hold during meditations

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