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Raw Velvet Malachite

Raw Velvet Malachite

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Chakra: Heart
Talisman: Guardian Builder

What is Malachite?

Malachite is a mineral that develops naturally atop deep underground copper deposits. It's for this reason that you'll locate it deep within caves, in caverns, or cavities. Malachite is inside limestone and other minerals such as azurite, calcite, and iron oxides.

With its gorgeous, rich green color, malachite is undeniably valuable as a jewel. The observer is mesmerized by its oblique strength and power, which demands respect. However, the lines, circles, and designs' movement, flow, and energy soothe and welcome. It has a spiritual appeal.

Uses and/or Benefits:

  • Malachite is a stone of protection, absorbing negative energy and contaminants from the environment and the body. It protects against all types of radiation, eliminates electromagnetic pollution, and restores ground energies.
  • It stimulates change and emotional risk-taking as a stone of metamorphosis. It reveals what's getting in the way of your spiritual progress, elicits profound sensations and psychosomatic reasons, and then helps you dissolve undesirable relationships and habits. It promotes people to communicate their feelings, reduces shyness, and teaches people to take responsibility for their ideas and behaviors.
  • For individuals who are waiting for their reality to change, malachite may be a good friend. It reminds us that we've come here to co-create with the Universe, and it assists us determine the steps required to bring our dreams, visions, and aspirations to life.


  • It's an excellent stone to put at the front entrance or any doorway to stop negative feelings in their tracks and keep your house and hearth safe from unwanted energy.
  • Malachite can also be used to inflame energies in sluggish areas in the home. If you haven't found your fix in the sleep, it would be good to place Malachite near the bed to bring in some new energy.
  • In the kitchen, keep microwaves close by. In the living room, keep televisions close by—malachite guards against damaging rays from technical equipment coming from phones, tablets, and other technological devices.
  • To break destructive behavior patterns, say your worries and sorrows out every day while holding the crystal, then leave it in a covered outdoor location overnight to carry the anxieties away.




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