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Selenite Triple Moon Bowl

Selenite Triple Moon Bowl

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Selenite Satin Finish Triple Moon Bowl 

Hand-carved in Morocco

Selenite has a very fine, cleansing vibration that brings clarity. It is a calming stone that instills peace and is extremely useful during meditation or spiritual work. Selenite can help in creating a safe and quiet space, free of outside influences.

Selenite is an excellent stone for cleansing and charging and never needs cleansing itself.

Charge all your crystals and crystal jewelry in this bowl    

Selenite opens the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras.

These are handcarved from a natural stone and therefore exact weight and measurements will vary 

all bowls will have the same look and style 

Selenite will dissolve in water - don’t wash or submerge in water  

•approx 1Kg 

•about 7.5”L x 3.5”W x 1”H 



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