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The Literary Witches Oracle

The Literary Witches Oracle

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This bewitching twist on tarot and oracle decks highlights the lives of 30 beloved and respected female writers from literature past and present. The remaining 40 cards bear haunting illustrations of the witches’ familiars—objects like an apple, a braid, a noose, the moon, mushrooms, or a spider.


A 36-page guidebook provides instructions for use, suggested card interpretations to enhance your divination practice, and short biographies for each of the witches.


Product Description

Infuse your personal divination practice with spiritual insight and feminist guidance from icons such as Octavia Butler, Shirley Jackson, Gertrude Stein, Joy Harjo and more.

• Receive answers to questions about your creative life and spiritual journey, guided by insights from the strong, creative women featured in this deck.
• Includes 30 cards featuring prominent female writers and trailblazers as well as 40 symbol cards bearing illustrations of potent spiritual icons to enhance your reading.
• Find inspiration from literary heroes, such as Virginia Woolf and Toni Morrison, and discover the wisdom of lesser-known trailblazers, such as Yumiko Kurahashi and Mirabai.
• Use the included guidebook as an interpreter to help you interpret the cards based on your specific intentions, the writers’ dominant traits, and the spiritual symbols at play.


Praise for Literary Witches

“Literary Witches successfully weaves together the personal, the political, and the heretical.”—Rivers Solomon, Afrofuturist and author of An Unkindness of Ghosts

“Literary Witches is at the same time enormously enjoyable, rich in information, and visually brilliant.”—Lisa Congdon, artist, illustrator and author 

“Transformative, revivifying, gorgeous, unsettling, and intensely moving, this book is a volume of poetry, miniature encyclopedia, and twenty-first-century illuminated manuscript all at once. I'll treasure this book like a lucky object and return to it whenever I need courage, or mischief, or beauty, or permission.”
—Jia Tolentino, New York Times bestselling author of Trick Mirror

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